QW Transport delivers petroleum products to 800+ convenience stores/commercial accounts throughout West Texas, North Central Texas and Oklahoma. As a family-owned and operated company, we utilize the ‘family’ approach towards our employees and customers.

Our family atmosphere creates a successful environment for our drivers. They ‘Drive’ our business and we want them to be part of QW Transport for many years. This philosophy reflects out high driver retention rates.

We have also been able to develop long-term relationships with our customers who put trust in us to service their fueling needs.

Rick GolmanFounding Partner

Rick is a founding partner of QW Transport and oversees all aspects of the company including strategic planning, financial profitability, and relationships. Rick has over 40 years of management experience related to convenience stores, fuel distribution and fuel transportation. After graduating from the University of Texas – Austin in 1976, Rick joined the family business as a second generation member and is proud to have his sons Brett and Zach involved in QW Transport as third generation carrying on the legacy. Rick currently serves as Chairman of the Texas Food and Fuel Association and acts as an advocate for the industry through work with the members along with legislative body and numerous state organizations that regulate our industry. In addition, Rick is involved with NACS and has served on multiple working committees.

Alan GolmanFounding Partner

Alan is a founding partner of QW Transport and helps oversee new business development, driver management and vendor relationships. Alan has been in the convenience store and retail gasoline business for over 40 years owning and operating 80+ locations. Alan entered the wholesale fuel distribution business in 1993 as a Texaco distributor and quickly grew it to include multiple brands like Shell, Chevron, Exxon Mobil and Valero. Alan’s focus is on being the “best fuel hauler” and that is a big part of the company’s success.

Zach Golman | Vice President of Operations

Zach joined QW Transport in April 2015 and serves as an Operations Manager for the company.  With over 10 years of experience in the real estate and insurance sectors, Zach has switched his focus to fuel transportation.   His hands are involved in various aspects of the company, ranging from maintenance management, driver relations, technology automation and accounting.  Zach joins the business as a third generation members carrying on the legacy of his father and grandfather. Zach holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance-Real Estate from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University- Bloomington.

Brett Golman | Vice President of Operations

Brett came to QW Transport in March 2016 as an Operations Manager. His duties include but not limited to driver relations, human resources, fleet management and business development. Brett’s previous employment was with Empire Petroleum Partners and Quik Way Group where he specialized in wholesale fuel distribution, convenience store operations, supplier relations and customer service. He is a third-generation family member and happy to be preserving the family legacy at QW Transport. Brett is involved with multiple industry organizations including Texas Food and Fuel Association, NACS, and SIGMA. Like his brother Zach, Brett graduated from Indiana University – Bloomington and proud to be a Hoosier! Brett and his wife, Sarah, reside in Dallas.

We Follow the Three C’s:

Collaboration — We communicate with our drivers daily and are always collaborating with them on improving our service.

Caring — We understand the demands of the fuel transportation business but recognize the importance of healthy work-life balance for team members.

Customers — We currently service 800+ convenience stores/commercial business throughout West Texas, North Central Texas and Oklahoma.



What makes QW Transport stand out from our competitors? 

Our focus is safe and on-time delivery. This approach has helped win the trust of our customers who look to us for their fuel delivery needs.


We provide our drivers with superior equipment and up-to-date technology.  At the same time, QW Transport fosters strong safety practices and rewards drivers for top performance.

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Always taking the`high way`for our customers”